Downtown Glenside Arts Festival

Heads up, everybody. Next Saturday, April 30, I’ll be participating in this festival with my paintings. I’m in Booth #25, near the center of the fair, if you want to look for me. Show hours are Noon to 6 PM and the fair will be set up along Easton Road.

This show is very local for me – I live about 2 miles away and I come to Glenside pretty much every day. I’ve also depicted the area in lots of paintings over time (you can look for them on my art blog – I think some will come up if you search under the word Glenside), so if the name seems familiar to you, that may be why.

Another Day in Glenside PA 5 x 7 11-15 small
My booth will be right down the street from this building…


Keeping my fingers crossed for good weather! It’s not too early to start…

And, if you take a look at the postcard, you can see one of my paintings featured on it – in the upper right-hand corner.


12 thoughts on “Downtown Glenside Arts Festival

  1. Depending what our guests want to do, we might be able to pop along and say hello. Just in case I don’t make it along to say so in person, I hope the festival is a great succcess.


      1. We have a bit of a schedule conflict with another commitment that day but might hopefully be able to make it along towards the end. It is annoying how that happens: weeks and weeks of no real commitments and then everything starts to happen at once. We have at least one person committed to something every weekend day until mid-June. But this sounds like a nice, relaxing thing to do so hopefully we can build it in.

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    1. Yes, it’s just exactly the kind of show I like to do these days – close to home, well-run, and a nice crowd, which includes lots of people I know from around my neighborhood. I really enjoyed it last year and am looking forward to it this year.

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