Art for the Cash Poor – Saturday, June 4

I’ve got a busy weekend next week – two separate events.

The first one occurs on Saturday, June 4 – an event called “Art for the Cash Poor”.

In this show, every piece of artwork is $199 or less. A nice thing, this price level – there can be something to fit a lot of budgets. I’ll be taking my paintings here and though the show goes all weekend, I chose the option of exhibiting on Saturday only.

I’ve never done this show before, so – I’m looking forward to it.

Here’s the link for the event:

Art for the Cash Poor


7 thoughts on “Art for the Cash Poor – Saturday, June 4

  1. I wish the event every success. At the exhibition I used to run, we would invite artists to submit a small matted but unframed work of art and those used to sell like hot cakes because they were an affordable way for people to buy original art work including by professional and renowned artists.


    1. Yes, that is the idea here, I think, that people can get original works at prices that fit a budget, and also that young people can start to collect art. I will really be interested to see how this all works out.

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    1. Thank you. Luckily for this one, it is inside, and we only have to set up a table, and so I feel it a luxury already. No hauling the racks, tent, and so on , and no weather worries. These alone sell me on a show these days!

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    1. You know, I wonder how things will go, this is a younger vendor crowd, I think, and kind of trendy place they hold the event in. I’m certainly keeping up with the times by going here! Patting myself on the back for that!

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