So, What Happened at Art for the Cash Poor?

I’ll tell you. Right here.

Background – this show is hosted by InLiquid, a Philadelphia organization devoted to the interests of artists. The event features art costing $199 and below and runs the whole weekend, but I did only Saturday’s session.

The show is held in the Crane Arts Building, a renovated warehouse from 1905. The building now houses art organizations, artist studios, art exhibition space, and offices for businesses, including architects.

It’s located in a section of town that was formerly industrial, fell into disuse, and now is being reborn as a residential section. It’s a coming place to live, especially for young people. I visited this part of town quite a bit when I worked for a bank 35 years ago, when it was already in decline, seeing customers in the factories and warehouses around here. I considered it an area in which to be cautious and aware at all times then. It is changing fast now – the new and the old are side by side. Decrepit warehouses, razor-wired lots, remodeled industrial buildings, and brand new (and expensive) houses stand side-by-side. If you see a vacant lot now, you can be sure it’s got an owner waiting for development.

I noticed several bikes chained up in front of the building, on the street. You would not have left your bike in the open out here, years ago.

Bicycle chained up 6-4-16 small

One more thing, and then I’ll get back to discussing the show. About ten years ago, I visited this same location for a show, and I took a picture of a building across the street. I did the same, this year, and now I see it’s a craft beer brewing location. So, I’m telling you, things are changing here and I’m glad to see it.

My space was in the Ice Box Room, a section of the warehouse that was used for cold storage of seafood in the past and is now an exhibit space. We each got a booth area of 6 feet deep by 7 feet wide. Perfect for my table and two chairs. I planned my setup for simplicity because of the small space but it worked out great.

The show was crowded, lots of shoppers all day. True to the changing neighborhood demographics, there were a lot of young people. Sales were good and the people-watching opportunities were first-class.

There was an outside section to the show and the music stage was there – but we could hear the performances through the door opened to the outside. I was intrigued by one band, Kitty Rotten, who did the whole set (in 85 degree weather) in kitty outfits.

You know, I’ve done shows for a long time, and most of them are pretty similar. This one was out of my usual routine and I had a great time. I met some artists new to me and saw a lot of interesting work. I also got some nice attention for my work. Looking forward to next year.

15 thoughts on “So, What Happened at Art for the Cash Poor?

  1. It looks to have been a vibrant event. That’s quite a tight space you were allocated (I would have been a bit antsy hemmed in like that) which I assume testifies to how many artists they had to cram into the available space. I’m glad you had a productive, inspirational time.


    1. Usually indoor shows give you about this amount of space, less than the 10 x 10′ outside, because inside real estate is always at a premium! Surprisingly I do not usually feel too enclosed, don’t know why, but especially here, with the high ceiling. The show was a lot of fun, and a crowd somewhat different than the usual suburban one. I liked it!

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    1. Yes. I’ve lived here long enough that I have a memory that stretches back some and believe me, this area was scary and bleak, lost its purpose and drifting. I am glad to see it changing for the better.

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  2. I guess there are always pros and cons of inside versus outside. Inside less space, but not hit by any bad weather. Outside better lighting, but possibility of being washed out by rain! Looks like an energetic and interesting show and I expect all benefit from making new connections and discoveries.


    1. It was a lot of fun and out of my usual routine of shows, glad for the change. I will admit now that I am older, I really value easy set up and no weather complications more than I used to. I guess I’ve done enough time huddled under a tent in a storm, holding on to the tent to keep it in place, etc.!


  3. It was so great to meet and speak with you Claudia! I got so much from our conversation and have already found a great place to hang the painting I bought. The small one will go in my studio for inspiration. I look forward to following your blog. Thanks for the inspiration!


  4. PS Could you remind me of the artist you mentioned that inspired your painting process? I know he was french and his last name starts with a D. Thanks!


    1. You know, I’ve done so many shows and I enjoy them, but I have gotten used to how they usually go, etc. This one was different, something about the atmosphere? I don’t know, but I had a great time. Hope you can make it in 2017! There will be a warm welcome at my booth for you.


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