Art-in-the-Park, West Park, Allentown, PA – How the day went…

I participated in this show yesterday, held in West Park, Allentown, PA. It’s a favorite of mine, for the lovely location, the appreciative crowd, and the volunteers who run the event. I have done this show for almost 20 years, missing a year here or there (such as last summer, with my cataract operations) but I will keep doing this show until either it or I give up. I really feel at home here, both in this city and this show.

OK, I’ll get to the 2016 experience. First thing, we located our spot. I have been in this same location since I began coming here, so – this part was not hard at all.

108 6-18-16 small

Next, after saying hello to my booth neighbor, a long-time art friend who has been located next to me at this show for several years, my husband and I got to work setting things up. Here we’ve put up our tent and we’re starting on the racks:

tent AM 6-18-16 small

Here’s the end result:

Now things got underway. We had perfect weather  and the park got crowded quickly.

West Park -1- small 6-16

West Park -3- small 6-16

West Park -2- small 6-16

Besides the art, there was music at the band shell all day.

West Park -5- small 6-16

And I can’t leave out a photo of the fountain, the centerpiece of the park.

West Park -4- small 6-16

In the afternoon, I took some time to stretch my legs, walking around the block. West Park is a substantial piece of ground, set in a grid of streets that were built up about a hundred years ago. The surrounding area is filled with tall, ornate rowhomes. This neighborhood and Allentown itself are undergoing a rebirth, and it can be seen in how many houses are being renovated and in their upkeep. In fact, there is a popular tour of houses in this neighborhood held the day after this art show – you could buy tickets at the information table.

I took pictures of streets surrounding West Park. All of these buildings are located on the streets directly abutting the park.

The Masonic Temple is right across the street on Linden.

Masonic Temple Allentown 6-16 small

The Episcopal Church of the Mediator, located at the corner of the park on Turner Street, always holds a rummage sale (entitled “Tossed and Found”). I also noticed they have a Little Free Library now, too.

Back at the show. This event features judges and prizes. I like the competition and I always hope for recognition, just like everybody else! This year I got my wish. Thank you, judges!

Ribbon West Park 6-16 small

At five o’clock it was time to pack up.

The park looks so peaceful now, back to its regular self with all the show activities pretty much packed up and gone home.

West Park empty small 6-16

13 thoughts on “Art-in-the-Park, West Park, Allentown, PA – How the day went…

    1. Thank you. I love Allentown and I would live there if I didn’t live where I am. And this show is always a treat to be in. Thanks for the congrats, it is nice to be rewarded in this way, and I really appreciated how the judges took time to talk to me about my work, too, they don’t always do that.


  1. OOOh! Well done for the award, but even more for just spending a great day. I love the location and your booth. I could plop myself right there on the grass, if allowed, and just chill. Another curious fact is that my parents have lived all their lives on Turner St. (well, in Slovenian), while linden is Slovenian national tree. 🙂


    1. That is just serendipity once again in action, isn’t it, those street names? The park is actually an arboretum established about 100 years ago by a leading citizen who felt it important to have a green space in the middle of town and to make people aware of trees and their diversity. When the show is not there, the park is quiet and peaceful and you could certainly sit down anywhere and take it all in. I always like to visit the fountain and throw in a penny when we are in town.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Congratulations on your well-deserved recognition! Looks like the weather was perfect too.
    When I worked at Fairtex Mills I used to sometimes go to the mill which was in Allentown…the town certainly looks different today! (that was 40 years ago…)


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