Lansdale Festival of the Arts – Next Saturday, August 27

I’ll be at this show next Saturday. Here’s a photo from last year. It’s a great show for a lot of reasons: a variety of good quality art and crafts, great location in a shady park, music and kid events, and an easy to get to location. If you’re in the area, it’s a nice spot to spend some time, and I’d be very glad to see you.

I love this show – it is one of the first events I did when I started doing art fairs – about 20 years ago, now. If you want to read about last year’s experience, look here. My booth is on the right, with the table sporting a pale cover in front of it.

The show takes place 10 AM – 4 PM, in Memorial Park, 300 E. Main Street (Rt. 63), Lansdale, PA.  (Link to the official site.)


4 thoughts on “Lansdale Festival of the Arts – Next Saturday, August 27

    1. Thank you. Keeping fingers crossed for fine weather. If you have time on Saturday this is a lowkey event with enough to keep the attention of a varied group for a bit of time, and also, I am sure that your kids could not resist the large cannons they have in the park, my son climbed all over them for years.

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      1. Unfortunately we are taking my in-laws to the Poconos this weekend. I annoyingly seem to have schedule clashes every time you have an event. Some day we will make the stars align and it will work.


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