Downtown Glenside Arts Festival – Update

Hello everybody – due to the threatening weather, I’ve decided not to set up at the festival today.

I hate cancelling out on a show, but I’ve got a new philosophy this year – I’m only doing shows that I like and that are comfortable for me. This show I certainly like, but not while sitting in a series of chilly showers or outright rain all day. I’ve done that for many years! and not any more.

Plus, I have my husband to think of, and I think he’s not in shape to deal with this kind of weather. All in all, it just seems the best thing to do today.

So, next show – Tile Festival at the Moravian Tile Works – in May. I’ll set my sights on that one.


2 thoughts on “Downtown Glenside Arts Festival – Update

  1. Good call! It has even been stormy and chilly here in northeast Texas. Will your latest tiles be at the Moravian Tile Festival? Can we count on lots of photos and drawings?


    1. I always feel bad skipping a show but in this one , we would have been sitting there all day in the rain and 55 degrees. Ugh. So I’m not sorry. Yes, the Tile Festival will feature my latest work – I’m hoping to post more before that time. And photos and drawings, yes – perfect spot for it, and we are there for 2 and a half days!


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