Moravian Tile Festival Next Weekend, May 19-20

Yes, it is time for this event once again – a whole show devoted only to tiles and tile work. It’s a favorite of mine, and I’ve posted about it over several years – if you search this blog (use the term tile festival) you’ll get a flavor of what it is about.


You can easily spend the whole day here – there is a wide variety of work to look at. And – the show is held under large tents, so weather is not a factor.

If you are in the neighborhood of Doylestown, PA, stop in and see me!

Clay tile 2 x 2 5-18 Group 2

6 thoughts on “Moravian Tile Festival Next Weekend, May 19-20

    1. You would love this show. It is so full of really good work and you can spend the whole day there and still not see it all, even though it’s not that big a show, it has lots and lots of variety and interesting techniques to see…

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    1. Oh good. Thank you. This show is really a favorite of mine – because it is devoted to the one subject, tiles, everyone who comes is really interested in what we are all doing, and sales are always good, too.

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