Newtown Welcome Day, Sunday, May 5 – Weather update

Heads up – I was planning to be here with my clay work this coming Sunday: the Newtown Welcome Day in Newtown, PA. But…an all day rain is predicted. As of now, I’m not planning to set up. After 25 years of show life, I’ve done my quota of shows in the rain and I just don’t want to anymore! Simple as that.

I’m sorry to cancel and I’ll mention that my next show is coming up in 2 weeks – the Tile Festival in Doylestown, PA. More details soon.



6 thoughts on “Newtown Welcome Day, Sunday, May 5 – Weather update

    1. I got an email this morning saying the event was cancelled (as the rain pelted the windows of my house). Now no one has to shiver in the rain, me, other exhibitors, customers, and so on. Though I am very sorry for the organizers, this kind of event takes a year to plan and ruined by one storm. Still, we lose a couple of shows this way every year. That’s the game we’re in!

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    1. You said it exactly. I’ve done my share of shows in bad weather (rain, high winds, hail, freezing cold, baking hot) and am glad to have the ability to choose not to go. Having said that, we got an email this morning saying the show was cancelled, so…no no one had to be out in the weather. I was surprised, as this kind of show usually goes on no matter what, but – it does tell you what the weather is like here today!


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