Claudia McGill, In Her Own Words

I’m a self-taught artist. My motto is: “Give it a try and see what happens!”

Art’s an adventure for me. I work in acrylics, mixed media, and clay. If you want to see my current work,  look at my art blog, Claudia McGill and Her Art World.

Another Day in Glenside PA 5 x 7 11-15 small

I also write poetry. Want to read? I post it at Claudia McGill Writes Poetry, Did You Know That?

Snippet 1-23-16 #6 small

I came to art later in life and I’m making up for lost time. I’m very happy I’ve found this path and I hope you enjoy looking at and/or reading my work.

9 thoughts on “Claudia McGill, In Her Own Words

  1. Hi Claudia,

    I love many of your paintings that are here ! I don’t think I had ever seen them when I came to your home. I don;t know if you remember me ?
    I brought a friend about 2 yrs. ago and we bought a number of clay pieces . We love them.
    I teach as a volunteer art teacher, at Lingelbach elementary. And now i want to do clay with them.
    You offered when we met you, the use of your kiln for my small group of students to fire their clay creations. Wondering if that offer is still good? also, where do you buy clay? As I am a volunteer, get no money for supplies to purchase I have to use my own money. What is the cost of clay you buy? Where to get it?

    Thanks for a reply,

    Alice Farber, volunteer art teacher in Mt. Airy


  2. I love your art! I really like the laid back, mixed media feel to it. Its simple, funny, and wonderfully colorfilled! So proud of you – when you stated you started late in life and self taught – just what I need to hear. I like the way you put things together on paper and the textures. VERY inspiring to me. I found you on blog ! Blessings. Keep it up.!


    1. Thank you! I love doing art and yes, I started working at it when I was about 40, never done anything before that. A hobby that grew and grew! Thanks for taking a look, I appreciate it.


  3. Hi Claudia,
    Lovely work! I stumbled across your blog today and noticed that you are geographically local to me (I’m just outside the top end of Philly – Trevose/Feasterville area) Nice to hear your self-taught attitude coming through in your posts!…I am self- taught too and I love to dabble around in acrylics, among other things! I think I will follow you and see where you go! Happy Saturday! 🙂


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